Failed Statehood Push Leads to Trouble in Palestine
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  • BigFire

    What’s the point of appeasing those that would slit your throat rather than feed their own children? The Palestinian have their priority, and the Israeli have theirs.

  • Brett

    It’s hard to promote economic development in the West Bank. Much of it is cut-up by governmental barriers, and then there’s other instability-creating factors to consider (such as settlers cutting down your orchards, and the whole area’s dependence on the PA’s money). It’s not a good business climate.

    I’m not really sure Israel wants to promote real economic development in the West Bank. Impoverished, dissatisfied Palestinians are likely to emigrate as they are to riot.

  • vdorta

    Yeah, governmental barriers such as wholesale corruption (remember Arafat?). Maybe the example of developed Arab countries around them?

  • Brett

    Corruption and the checkpoints, to be more precise.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: I can’t be sure what Israel actually wants, but the fact is that the Palestinian Arabs have done best economically when under Israeli control.

    Tying this to the original post, one reason that Abbas is threatening to dismantle the Palestinian Authority is that he considers this effective leverage against Israel. Right now, the Palestinian Authority gets a lot of foreign aid. If it were to dissolve itself, the area and population would once again revert to full Israeli control and responsibility. While one can be sure that most foreign aid would come to a screeching halt, this doesn’t worry the Arabs, since they are confident that Israel will make up for it.

    Funny how their actions continually betray their claims that Israelis are the new Nazis.

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