Europe Still Isn’t Unifying
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  • Steve Massey

    Personally, I suspect that a Europe of mutually suspicious nation states, perhaps loosely tied together by a toothless rump EU, would be highly successful in a world of increasingly sclerotic and useless mega states. Much like the early US, but without the centralising tendency that is has formed the increasingly authoritarian modern US.

  • So the EU model isn’t working. The old League of Nations didn’t work. The new United Nations isn’t working. Yet who doubts that some sort of international organization will be required if we expect to maintain world civilization over the long-term. Warring states in a relentless competition for power is not healthy in a nuclear world. New thinking is needed.

  • By world civilization I mean the values of Western civilization which we like to think of (and I do think of) as universal: liberal institutions, civil liberties, individual human rights, democracy, human equality, liberty and justice for all, government of the people, by the people, and for the people, put it like you will.

  • Including property rights, the rule of law, and economic freedom of course: they are part and parcel of liberal institutions.

  • Our best chance, maybe our only chance, in my humble opinion, is for the world’s liberal democracies to band together and “leverage” their collective economic power to gradually force all other parts of the world to abide by liberal norms. That means regulating access to the institutions of international trade and finance — what else is there short of military force?

    Right now it is not too late. But with the growth of China it might be next decade.

  • Jim.

    @Luke Lea-

    The problem is, Europhilosophy has gone beyond the recognizable liberalism of the past, and now EU types get together to lecture State about subjects like gun control (they want more of it) and the death penalty (they want it abolished.) (Who cares if these are against the stated will of their own people?)

    Without a muscular, indispensible, exceptional America to take a firm lead in these international efforts you propose, it is not liberty that is likely to win, under the regime you propose.

  • Kris

    One big problem for a promoter of lies is that he might come to believe them himself.

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