Boko Haram Targeting Schools
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  • Brett

    I’m surprised they haven’t been targeting schools early, considering that the group’s name actually translates to “Western Education is Forbidden”.

  • Kris

    “Via Meadia has been keeping a watchful eye”

    But of course!

    if the group’s goal is to win hearts and minds, then this latest tactic may be backfiring:
    “Yet the destruction of Maiduguri’s schools has bewildered and demoralized students, parents and teachers”

    Of course they’re not winning hearts and minds! Their goal (and that of their ilk) is precisely to bewilder and demoralize. It’s called terrorism, not sympathism.

    Anyhow, I am struck by your hypocrisy in criticizing Boko Haram for targeting schools. Isn’t that what you yourself have been doing on this blog? All you God-ists are alike! [/sarc]

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