Obama in Seoul: Busy Busy Busy
Published on: March 26, 2012
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  • Jbird

    In this North Korea-China friendship, what exactly does North Korea provide? Not sure why anyone would think them a friend worth having. They seem like more trouble for China then they are worth.

  • Gene

    NK as “the only friend China has left”? Please assure me you’re being ironic. Any “friendship” between the NORKs and China relies on a definition of “friend” that appears in no one’s dictionary.

    NK is a millstone around the neck of China, and even if you think there is some form of friendship there, what exactly can NK do to “help” China?

  • Anthony

    “China’s cooperation remains essential in managing the North Korean issue” – most importantly, China shares a border with North Korea (the DMZ remains the most heavily armed strip of territory in the world). At bottom WRM, we’re talking influence in Northeast Asia – China, Japan, Russia, United States, et al.

  • Kris

    “This is the kind of diplomacy that administration supporters call ‘smart,’ and critics call ‘too clever by half;’ we shall see where it goes.”

    In this unsettled world, it is reassuring to have one one certainty to hold on to: that Via Meadia will be watching.

    Speaking of smart diplomacy, it is a good thing the US has so many strong and close allies, all punching above their weight.

  • peter38a

    It would appear from this article that if the US isn’t careful it will find itself over some kind of barrel??? I think the barrel is under the belly of another country i.e. China.
    1. All have been hailing the Chinese economy but it is the US who provides food aid time and again???
    2. Even a cursory look at a map will show that any melt down of NK will be some level of a disaster for China (and to be sure SK), yet they are always so reluctant to provide real leverage for what is obvious in controlling NK nukes.
    3. I think the US should disappear for a while; “forget” to attend a conference or two with NK so that all the players can see the black ice under their feet; it would be sobering.
    4. Can this course of action cause things to get worse? How?
    5. Who really is the Big Dog here?

  • There is no “friendship” between China and NKor. NKor is a vassal state to China and has been since 1950. China maintains NKor as a sore spot in the Pacific to vex the USA, Japan, SKor and any others who refuse satrapy status. If they were “friends”, the NKor people wouldn’t be starving.

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