The Bo Xilai Saga Goes James Bond
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  • dan berg; sorry to be off topic, but I wanted to bring this to your attention.

  • Kris

    Luke? They hired you as an intern? 🙂

  • Chen

    Political transition in China ? Tell me about it.

  • @ Kris “Luke? They hired you as an intern?”

    You talking about me? I get most of my information nowadays from The Epoch Times. Here’s a good background story:

  • The Epoch Times btw is put out by the Falun Gong religious group which is being persecuted in China. I know nothing about them except that they would be a part of what we here in the United States would call our civil society: those intermediate, independent voluntary associations that lie between the individual and the state. There is no civil society in China. Nada. Zip. Is this not the very definition of a totalitarian society?

    Why are we trading with them, building them up as an economic and military power, creating a monster perhaps? So private corporations can make more money? To whip America’s working class into line? Bankrupt our blue model?

  • Make that an economic and military super-power.

  • With China numbers swamp everything. I read that the other day. We need to keep it in mind.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: “You talking about me?”

    Yep. A little joke, given the relatively negative portrayal of China in the original post.

    I occasionally read the Epoch Times. I’m not enough of a China connoisseur to judge their accuracy, but one obviously would expect a certain bias from the Falun Gong. Not that I disagree with them or you on the Party’s morality (snicker).

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