Water Wealth and Water Savvy Point to Continuing US Global Strength
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  • Anthony

    Soft power exercised in a 21st century world in furtherance of U.S. foreign policy objectives (in contradiction to declinist narrative).

  • Thomas

    I like the idea of thorium reactors along the coasts powering desalination plants while clean water is transported via irrigation or pipelines to the farmlands and cities of America.

  • Andrew Allison

    The track record of public-private partnership that seeks to mobilize U.S.-based knowledge, expertise and resources to improve [you name it] around the world.” is less than stellar! Smells like yet another NGO boondoggle to me.

  • Kenny

    God has blessed America in many ways, including abundant water and a continental system of navigational rivers & lakes. The latter point, as you know, is one of the major ways a group like Strafor accesses geopolitical & economic strengths.

    The only thing that can prompt America’s decline is not China and surely not the backward Muslims as those in Iran. It is ourselves.

    Up to a dare, Mr. Mead?

    See if you can ‘intellectually’ lower yourself and read The Harbingers” (2011) by Jonathan Cahn (not the reviews of the book, but the book itself) to see my point. For a man like you who makes his living off the written word, you could breeze though such a book in two or three hours tops, with full comprehension.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Water can be removed from air with more than 15% relative humidity using solar power. When this is commercialized, water problems relating to human consumption can be a thing of the past. Without nuclear reactors.

  • BillH

    Good to see another water crisis developing. Only a couple, I believe in my adult lifetime, post WW2 and the 60s or early 70s it seems. We’ve been blessed with running out of petroleum far more often. Looking forward to the next ice age crisis. Going on 40 years since the last one.

  • Jim.

    So has anyone done any thoughtful work about whether it makes sense to devote some of our limited water supply to develop biofuels?

    One thing about Obama’s algae-derived fuel comments — at least that biofuel source wouldn’t complicate our water issues. It’s a pity more hasn’t been made of it since the 1950’s when it was first proposed. Ah well, maybe it’s just a unicorn.

  • Kris

    “The Jordan River, its water diverted for various purposes, often fails to reach the Dead Sea.”

    Hence… 🙂

    And mentioning the Depression-era federal projects? Tsk! How will WigWag resist snarking that Blue ain’t all that bad after all?

  • Ann

    The snail darter has won and the central valley has been turned into a dust bowl with an unemployment rate of 25%. Victor David Hanson has written numerous articles about it. Such a shame too because the best peaches and nectarines I’ve ever had were from small farms in that area and I’m sure the small farmers are the hardest hit.

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