Cuban War on Women Continues
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  • Geoff M

    “If Castro were a fascist..”? Please, the press and intelligensia have no problems with fascists – see the recent Vogue puff piece on Asma Assad, and the kissie faces made between Sarah Leah Winston of Human Rights Watch and the Qadaffi regime.

    Now if they were being oppressed by Zionists or capitalists, that would be another story.

  • Mark Michael

    Prof Mead asks where Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and the other male hard lefties are in coming to the defense of the Ladies in White of Cuba. What about our leftist women also coming to their defense? Where is Nancy Pelosi, Maureen Dowd, and, oh, yes, Ms. Sandra Fluke?

    Oh, I forgot, they’re so busy being outraged at the male chauvinist right wing GOP oppressors, they don’t have time for being outraged about women who are subject to real, no-kidding totalitarian oppression found just 90 miles off our Florida shores.

  • Maid Abusing Socialist

    And–Aren’t Cuban gays still persucuted by the macho Castro brothers?

    Sean Penn–What can we say about this guy? Happy to ape Harvey Milk and bask in the acolades for this “risqué” role, but happier still to pal around with retrograde homophobic thugs.

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