Peter Thiel to Teach the Last Class You’ll Ever Need?
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  • Jim.

    You find more companies closer to the 101. (280, in Apple’s case.) El Camino is where we have lunch.

    Although, Castro Street (not to be confused with the one in SF!) has a better selection of sit-down places.

  • Andrew Allison

    A tiny nit: whether you drive up or down El Camino Real to get to Stanford, you’ll avoid the heart of Palo Alto. If, on the other hand, you take Highway 101 . . .
    (@1, only southern Californians append an article to a highway number, but you are right about Castro Street LOL)

  • Thiel: ” part of what fuels the education bubble is that we’re not allowed to articulate certain truths about the inequality of abilities.”

    He got that right.

  • BillH

    Good Grief! A relevant college course? What’s the world coming to?

  • Steve

    Mr. Mead, I have been thinking about Peter Thiel’s arguments lately while reading your work. Do you have any thoughts on Thiel’s argument that technology is not increasing as fast as most people think? He says real wages for the median worker have not increased since (I believe) 1973, and he cites a slowdown in technology growth as the reason. He says it may be that a service economy just grows more slowly than a manufacturing economy.

  • Kris

    “some of those chickens need a little excitement in their lives. … Letting more people onto the campus who are skeptical of the whole enterprise is, on balance, a good thing.”

    Squawk! So not only are they deep in debt, but now you want to depress them? 🙂

    [email protected]: On the other hand, standards of living have increased, very much thanks to technology.

  • gs

    Thiel’s successes are somewhat offset by the poor performance of his hedge fund.

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