Financial Market Pecking Order Survives Crisis Unchanged
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  • Anthony

    WRM, it has been said that every shock to the financial system must result in casualties. But, those financials that are fit to live will remain and thrive – obviously the Anglosphere based financial systems according to chart ratings are not disappearing anytime soon.

  • Toni

    Given where the FT is housed, one has to wonder whether the Z/Yen Group skewed its rankings to ensure that London is #1, not NYC.

    Or not. Still, it’s curious that the City won over Wall Street, which buys politicians and staffs regulatory agencies en masse. Does the City do that in the U.K., too?

  • Toni – There isn’t quite the same degree of regulatory capture via staffing, but political capture of both major parties in the UK is alive and well. Opposition to bank bailouts, for example, is very much the province of politicians on the libertarian and paleo-socialist fringes only.

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