Obama Needs to Talk About the War
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  • John Barker

    Perhaps, Obama should study how Churchill informed and encouraged the free world in the darkest hours of the Second World War.

  • Robert Duste

    Obama sent Churchill’s bust home. I don’t think he is going to study anything Churchill did.

  • Steve

    Since Mr. Obama’s agenda is now (and perhaps always was) political, he has no need to talk about Afghanistan. Why? Because his likely opponent doesn’t have an Afg. strategy that differs much from that of Mr. Obama. Both talk in useless abstractions about a war with no clear objectives wherein real people are dying every day for nothing.

    I’m constantly amazed at the unbelievable discipline and dedication of our troops. However, I fear morale will continue to deteriorate as the average soldier determines that we are leaving very soon and there is no point being the last soldier killed on our way out.

    Of course, one can only fervently hope that Karzai is the last casualty.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Obama has turned Afghanistan into Vietnam. It will be interesting to see if this meme makes it to the MSM.

  • Corlyss

    “Obama Needs to Talk About the War”

    Why? He knows 60% of the public thinks the war is not worth fighting. He’s a man of the polls, unless the polls support Republican ideas.

  • Kris

    “he is attempting to fight a major war without talking about it.”

    War? What war? Ah, yes, the Republican war won women! Those evil Republicans want to force the womenfolk to be pregnant and barefoot!

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