Germany’s Pirate Party: Riding a Wave of Discontented Youth
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  • There is already an American Pirate Party.

    Legalizing drugs is a no-brainer, but throwing out intellectual property law (reduction of copyrights to 14 years?) is just nihilist.

  • Jim.

    What old institutions and arrangements? The Boomers destroyed all of those.

    The young are seeing that what the Boomers implemented doesn’t work. Some of them are turning even further towards nihilism.

    It’s not the ones that are out to destroy everything that you want to watch with interest. Wariness, yes, but not interest. It’s the ones that want to rebuild that you’ll want to watch.

  • “The Pirates are in many ways riding a global wave that won’t die out anytime soon. Young people, enabled by the internet, want to participate in politics and throw out the bums. It’s not just in the Arab world where disaffected and passionate youths are waking up to the fact that old institutions and social arrangements are failing them. It’s happening in Germany, and it will happen in other places. Maybe even in the United States.”


  • Kris

    “Tear it all down! Burn, baby, burn!”

    [email protected]: “throwing out intellectual property law (reduction of copyrights to 14 years?) is just nihilist”

    Fourteen years is much closer to the original conception of copyright (Hint: they did not invent the 14-year term), and seems reasonable to me. The fact you call this “throwing out intellectual property law” is a sign of how far we have come/fallen.

  • Otiose

    It might happen here and perhaps be called the Tea Party.

  • ARRRR!

    I’m a German pirate, and I’m telling you this: I’ts not just about the internet and not jsut about filesharing anymore.

    We’re here to defend our civil rights. We’re here to defend our democracy. We don’t want to live in a place where some grumpy old people in the ivory-tower make the laws. We want to have laws made my the people for the people. We want democracy, not lobbycracy not plutocracy. We don’t want to watch bribed, professional office sitters make politics in favor of the richest company.

    This is our _[darn]_ state. We’re entering the parliaments.

  • j lindsey

    Not quite a “Tea Party” but sounds closer to that than OWS. At least they nailed the part about professional pols, lobbyists and corporatists.

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