Argentine Lawfare over Falkland Islands
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  • Eric

    The Economist recently had to discard Argentina’s official statistics agency output for data from an independent agency outside of the country. This is because Argentina is officially lying about inflation, according to The Economist.

    Ms Kirchner raided the pension funds a while ago to fill a hole in the budget.

    Add this to the sabre-rattling and I agree you get a picture of a place with increasing problems looking for a diversion. Fortunately if for whatever reason a crash occurs it would not have much impact except in Argentina, as they are still mostly shut out of global debt markets.

  • Kris

    At times, one is seized by a lamentable nostalgia for gunboat diplomacy.

  • Gordon Pasha

    The energy companies should not worry. This type of legal action could only succeed in Argentine courts and the companies have no presence in Argentina nor assets that could be seized.

    On the other hand, the financial backers of the projects could be on the hook, most notably HSBC, but possibly some US banks too, and they do have assets in Argentina. Mrs. K, a lawyer by training, must know this well. Such litigation would be enormously popular in Argentina after the tarnished image the banks developed in the wake of the 2001 meltdown.

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