Latin America’s Future vs. William Faulkner’s Past
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  • ddh

    Good post, but please fix the error in diction.

    “As China reigns in its economic growth” should use the verb “rein.” It’s a horse–not a king–metaphor.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Why is the development of mining and agriculture in the US and other Western Nations considered Development? While the development of mining and agriculture in South America considered Exploitation? Perhaps that is the Problem, the Cultural view of Development in the West is that it is Growth and a Blessing, while the Cultural view of Development in South America is that it is Exploitation and a Curse. Optimists and Pessimists, where one sees opportunity, the other sees theft. I submit that the view point of Western Culture has been successful in ceasing the opportunities for growth inherent in growing supplies, while South American Culture has failed to take advantage of their own supply strengths.

  • RedWell

    Good summation of the situation, though I think Jacksonian Libertarian only has half the story: yes, Latin Americans tend to wring their hands about exploitation, but the point of the “resource curse” is that history has channeled and limited the opportunities of reform. Wheras the Brits established a commerce culture in North America, the Spanish and Portugese set up feudal, extractive institutions in most of the Americas. Modern Latin Americans’ hands are a bit tied regarding this past…and they are correct that they have been exploited by the US and others. But, Jacksonian–along with WRM–, you are right that changing the culture of victimization and internal exploitation is the only real solution. After all, Canada relies upon extractive industries and agriculture, but it’s no Brazil.

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