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  • Lexington Green

    Will there be a video? Will you please provide the link on this blog when it is available?

    Barone and Mead on the same stage. Most excellent.

    That is a large part of my very small and exclusive “dream team” of historically-based pundits.

    I regret with true pangs of disappointment that I cannot be there.

  • Justin Mock

    Coke Zero is vastly superior to any other soda. Cherry Coke Zero is all the better. Kudos WRM, Kudos.

  • Kris

    “Cherry Coke Zero (the official beverage of Via Meadia)”

    Oh dear. Well, it’s been nice knowing you.


  • Leif

    Hey Lexington Green, See you there!

  • Anthony

    “The Death of the Blue Social Model” provides particularly relevant topic for today’s AEI Brady Lecture. I am sure your audience looks forward to why core ideas of last 60 years seem weary.

  • Mrs. Davis

    The comparison of the tinsmiths to lawyers was thought provoking.

    It certainly seems that what the human mind craves more than anything is certainty. Everyone wants to know what will happen, when all one can imagine are the barest outlines. Excellent job and I hope AEI makes it available for my children to watch. Although they will get to witness the actual events.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Well I watched the whole thing, and you were very good. I love the way you coin new words. I will never think of the word “Developed” in the same way again. LOL

    I have a question though, have you ever considered creating a measure of the Blue Model? I am thinking of a way to measure the Power the Blue Model has in different Nations. Perhaps by taking the Percentage of Union membership in the private sector, and public sector, the percentage of GDP spend in redistribution of taxes to other people as welfare, medicare, medicaid, unemployment, etc, and businesses in the form of subsidies, tax relief, tax credits, etc, and the percentage of GDP being spent on tax compliance, unfunded mandates, compliance with regulations, etc, and finally the percentage of GDP being collected by various monopolies like the Utilities. It would be a challenge to create such a Mead Blue Model Index (MBMI), to balance the various components of the Blue Model so that they represent their real value to the Blue Model would be difficult. But, I think if a number representing the Power of the Blue Model in every nation could be developed, and changes to that Power could be studied over time, it would have predictive value for the growth rate of a nation, as well as provide some indications of in what directions mankind is going to develop as the Blue Model decays.
    I would like to point out that Predictive Value is how the scientific method creates Theories out of Hypotheses.

  • Anthony

    WRM, watched AEI lecture and questions. Think lawyers and pundits (Fred Barnes, et al) were slightly discomfited by implications of your post blue model reflections vis-a-vis white collar professionals. Overall, I considered presentation and queries both informative and engaging (though I must admit at least 75% of material has appeared in your Blog).

  • Gene

    As of March 15 the video of this event is not available at AEI. Will it be?

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