Empty Promises from the Saudis
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  • But the Palestinians got plenty of money and guns over the years. Just no resettling of refugees. And for obvious reasons. Just ask the Kuwaitis.

  • The future as seen from the ruling families / politicians in all muslim countries:

    1. Illiteracy. It is far easier to control an illiterate population with brutal repression and mythology, than a literate population – and the majority of subjects of all muslim nations are illiterate.

    2. Better to have gold faucets on your own 474s and a ski slope in the desert than a literate public who may attempt to displace islamic rulers with modern government.

    3. The sooner all muslim natioons get rid of the educated Middle Classes, the faster shariah can be implemented and the caliphate restored, either of which can occur with a literate population.

    ergo: All Western attempts to create, support or educate muslim subjects will be resisted by muslim leaders, none of whom want literacy or the rule of law and the transparent Western liberal democracy that (ultimately) comes with it.

    Those not grasping that illiteracy is a requirement for islam are just not paying attention to the world stage, and have not been since the educated Middle Class of Iran was overthrown by Jimmy Carter’s fellow-religious-traveler khomenei, and the illiterate masses across arabic and persian lands rose and returned to their millennia-long attempt to reduce the civilized world to the Dark Ages and islam.

  • “On another note, the Saudis have expressed concerns that the Syrian rebels are religious fanatics. This gives one pause when one considers what type of Islam the Saudis would consider fanatical.”

    If we didn’t laugh we’d cry.

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