Foolish Subsidies Derail Argentine Transit
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  • BigFire

    I sincerely doubt that the current depression will do anything against the Peronists. Argentina gets the kind of government it deserves. And they keep on re-electing the Peronists.

    Across the mountain, Chile is doing just fine.

  • Kris

    “One hopes that rabble-rousing speeches on the Falklands won’t save Kirchner from the public backlash this latest crash has richly earned.”

    And if they do, then the crashes were richly earned.

    [What’s that, WRM’s grandmother? Yes, of course the crashes are tragedies, and I pray the victims rest in peace.]

  • Independent George

    Obviously, the answer is a new government agency to oversee transportation safety. The new employees will be lavishly paid to reduce the incentive for bribery, and shall be appointed by the executive to ensure accountability and independence.

  • Hammered at Tosca

    Sean Penn reports the hidden hand of Anglo imperialism to be clearly at work here.

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