Iran’s Elections: A Contest Among Conservatives
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  • “The Iranian leadership is signaling compromise, suggesting they will submit to inspections on nuclear facilities and give up a quick breakout capability in return for being allowed to continue enriching uranium at low levels for civilian purposes. The West, in turn, would lift sanctions and normalize relations with Iran at nuclear regulatory organizations.”

    And how is this different from any other time the Iranians have dangled “reasonable compromise” at gullible Western negotiators over the years? The West has been seeking a grand bargain with Iran for nearly forty years, and they have played us for suckers every time.

    I’ll be shocked if this time is any different.

  • Jim.

    How is this any different than anything else that’s been reported on this subject for the last six or eight years?

    Are the Iranians still between six months and five years of building a bomb?

  • Toni

    Since Russia has funded Iran’s nuclear program from its start, and oil-rich Russia feels pretty cocky, how genuine is Russia’s promised effort?

    Via the oil price, the world’s jitters over Iran keep the oil funds flowing. Surely Putin doesn’t mind if his ally has The Bomb. One of the far-sighted players in Charlie Wilson’s War figured the USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979 on its way to the Strait of Hormuz. Iran was in post-revolutionary chaos, and the Soviets likely thought they could bulldoze through.

    Clearly, Putin likes power and would like to diminish the U.S.’s. What are the odds he’ll put the brakes on Iran?

  • Mark B

    The term “conservative” in this context is bizarre. Are these people like Republicans or Tories? I would suggest “Islamic Fundamentalist”, “Islamonazi”, or “Religious Zealot.”

  • EvilBuzzard

    Oh Dear! A contest between KONZERVATIVES! Could Santorum Come From Behind in another Alabama 3-Way?

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