A New Shade of Blue in Silicon Valley?
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  • WigWag

    There are plenty of other reasons Silicon Valley types prefer Democrats to Republicans. High Tech types are keenly interested in promoting immigration for technologically advanced foreigners who want to move here; they are turned off by the Neanderthal one size fits all policy of the Republicans.

    The tech wizards from Silicon Valley tend to be highly educated, especially in math and the sciences; naturally they are uncomfortable with the legions of hot-religion Christians who have found a home in the Republican Party. I would venture to guess that most high tech types want their children taught about evolution in their high school biology classes not “creation science”.

    Many of the best and the brightest in Silicon Valley are young which means that they are at a stage in their lives where they are particularly focused on sex, especially recreational sex. A party supported by people who are suspicious of contraception and abortion doesn’t interest them. Every time they hear candidates like Rick Santorum criticize contraception and every time they hear pundits like Professor Mead criticize the new Obama policy on contraception they are reminded why they despise the Republican Party.

    Gender equality is an important value to Silicon Valley types. To the extent that the Democratic Party stands up for gender equality techies in Silicon Valley are impressed. To the extent that former Republican operatives working for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation try to ban Planned Parenthood from receiving grants, these same Techies are repulsed.

    Finally, as anyone who has been to Silicon Valley knows, a clean environment is one of the things techies like about living their. The last thing they want is for the smog and other pollution that characterizes Los Angeles to work it’s way north. Democrats are almost universally perceived as the political party that cares about a clean environment while the Republican party is perceived as looking out for the polluters. Superimpose on this the fact that many “green” energy firms are either located in Northern California or funded by venture capital firms headquartered in Northern California and the techies have another reason to love Democrats and hate Republicans.

    There are exceptions; Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman were both high tech Republicans. Both were slaughtered at the polls in a hugely Republican year.

    The two most financially lucrative sectors in the United States are the high tech companies which are heavily located in Northern California and the hedge fund business centered in New York City and is suburbs. Given the importance of money to American politics, how these two industries go is likely to tell us a great deal about the future political direction the United States will take.

    What these folks do with their money is consequential in the long run. The Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement are little more than side shows for the naive and easily confused

  • Derek Footer

    I think you are focusing too narrowly on a very small subset of Silicon Valley techies. I was one for many years, until migrating to San Diego. Most are not unaffected by the ravages of the blue state model, as most are not swimming in IPO wealth. Crappy schools and high costs do matter to them, even though the public schools in the area are generally very good. So it is possible, and I hope likely, that eventually they can be convinced to help rectify the situation at least to ensure that Silicon Valley doesn’t become an area walled off from the rest of the state.

    But, as @WigWag alludes to, the crucial thing driving techies to the Dems are social issues. The Republican move to socially conservatism is the wedge issue that prevents them making inroads into Silicon Valley. Until the last 15 years, California was very hospitable to Republicans, and they have dominated the governorship – 32 out of the last 45 years (if you count Schwarzenegger as a Republican). But those Republicans have been social moderates. If the California Republican Party wants to get its mojo back, it needs to get back to its more libertarian roots. Seems unlikely for the near future though.

  • Kenny

    Good analysis, Mr. Mead.

  • WigWag

    Another reason that the tech world loves Democrats and dislikes Republicans is the respective views of the political parties on the rights of homosexuals. I don’t know specifically what Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin or Larry Ellison thinks about gay rights but it isn’t hard to guess; after all, their companies all voluntarily provide fringe benefits to the same sex partners of their employees.

    Given the Republican Party’s antipathy to gay people, is it really surprising that the tech world turns it’s back on Republicans? This year one of the remaining Republican candidates (Santorum) has particular animosity to the idea of gay rights and the other candidate (Romney) is a Bishop in a Church that spent $9 million to support Proposition 8.

    The likelihood that Silicon Valley executives will be providing Republicans with either campaign cash or their votes is vanishingly small.

  • Walter Sobchak

    You are being far too kind to Silicon Valley. What drives them is, and what drives their cousins on the east coast in Cambridge, Fairfield, Manhattan, and Montgomery is contempt for the “unenlightened”. What James Taranto calls oikophobia.

    To me this is not the basis for a political revival. You cannot run a society, where you feel compelled to display an ostentatious contempt for the vast majority of the people you claim to lead. I have repeatedly pointed to their disdain for religion and for the military as mortal weaknesses in their pretensions to political power. What lies in store for them is not beyond blue, it is civil war. One they will lose because they do not know how to field strip and clean their weapons, let alone how to load, aim, and fire them.

  • Wayne Lusvardi

    American politics may not neatly track with social class, but the Silicon Valley elites are members of the Knowledge Class, not the Business Class. Thus, it is predictable that they would gravitate to Democrat politics.

    Even Libertarians are typically involved in the Knowledge Class. That may explain why they revile big government Republicans.

  • Cal

    One point:

    “Both (Whitman and Fiorina” were slaughtered at the polls in a hugely Republican year.”

    They both got 50% or more of the white vote. They lost or were slaughtered because of Hispanics, which aren’t particularly overrepresented in the elites of Silicon Valley.

    Both Derek and Walter Sobchak (in comments) are correct. The elites are much more contemptuous than WRM portrays them, but the average upper income folks are, indeed, worried.

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