Newsflash: America Still Matters
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Actions speak louder than words

  • Kenny

    Nothing new here.

    India, just like so many others, wants to have its cake and eat it too — at america’s expense.

    And they have the notion in their heads that they can get away with this because the U.S. has been oh-so obliging since the end of WWII.

    Hopefully with the next president, the U.S. will wise up, and countries like India will learn that they cannot have it both ways.

  • ARH

    “It’s a brave new Post-American World indeed.”

    With all due respect, let’s be wary of turning the phrase “Post-American world” upside down and inside out from its original intent. The last thing Zakaria needs is to be brought up for 20 years in the same distorted light as Fukuyama’s “end of history.”

  • Kris

    [email protected]: India can indeed be difficult, but do remember what the American position in this matter is. “You, India, should refrain from buying the oil you need from Iran, because it is developing nuclear weapons. In the meantime, we, the US, will continue shoveling billions of dollars and advanced weapons at Pakistan, a nuclear-armed country which is your number one enemy.”

    [email protected]: Live by the soundbite, die by the soundbite.

  • carvaka

    i understand you are being sarcastic. and as you so clearly pointed out – what is changing is not the US position but the atlantic alliance .

    to some of the commentators
    about iran-india relation, may be public should understand that foreign policy is not moral plays, written in black and whites .i believe that indian and american policy makers understand that.
    may be this article will help

  • Kris

    Having hopefully established my bona fides with my previous commnt, let me now turn my attention to [email protected], or rather to Dr. Sibal’s article: “The current US-Iran tensions […] are in part Israel-spurred and domestically driven. … [India should] avoid getting caught in the sectarian politics of West Asia.”

    My only question is whether the good Doctor’s article was written before or after the attack on Israel’s New Delhi embassy, attributed to Iran.

  • carvaka

    it seems it has been written before but published after.
    while i did refer the article, i am not in agreement with everything that is written there. but it does summarize india’s interest nicely.

    the delhi bombing – if directed by the iranian state seems to be one of the most stupidest things they have done, recently.

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