Peace Now From the Pentagon
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  • Walter Sobchak

    Obama is saving Iran for an October episode of Wag the Dog.

  • Roy

    I think the reality is that the Israelis would, more or less, be on their own, and for that reason alone ought to refrain from an attack. I don’t believe, however, that they are aware of their potential isolation in the event of one. Netanyahu seems to be living in an echo chamber, unless all the sabre-rattling is just a clever way of keeping the heat on Iran. America’s tolerance for casualties in the Middle East right now is at an ebb, and the bloc of anti-Israel/antisemites that churns out an endless torrent of bile in the media and on the web has been spectacularly successful at portraying the invasion of Iraq as a nefarious Jewish plot. Given the current international climate, and the fact that its own popularity is at a nadir, partly because of its own missteps, attacking Iran would be something akin to a suicide attempt.

  • Corlyss

    Well, between Rumsfeld and Obama, “An Army of One” will soon become more than a slogan.

  • James

    Why has such an intelligent, thoughtful blog been so cowardly about addressing this issue? No thoughts on the nature of the Islamic Republic’s rhetoric and serious intentions? What its ambitions mean for Israel exactly? What the Obama admin. should be doing to protect the US and its allies? Would be very disappointed if Via Meadia is underestimating and misunderstanding how serious this actually is for Israel and the US like too many others.

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