Captured Taliban Acknowledge Pakistan’s Support
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  • Mrs. Davis

    Way to fight the “good war”, [Mr. President].

    We should cut and run posthaste. Announcing we will leave before the end of next year is to make vain the death of every American hereafter. Remember Elphinstone.

    We should bring back every Afghan translator, combatant and family who can find a now civilian sponsor who served with them and will take responsibility for them in the US. We should not repeat the disgrace of Viet Nam.

    The President of the United States should tell the UN General Assembly that in the event of an attack on US soil with WMD or other act of mass terror, we will assume the attack originated from Iran, Pakistan or North Korea and that all three will follow Carthage.

  • Kris

    Why, yes, I think it is a capital idea to build a relationship on lies or delusions!

  • Walter Sobchak

    We have to get our soldiers and civilians out of that hell hole. It is a trap and they are hostages to the Pakistanis. Step two is bombing every military installation in Pakistan into ruble. Step three is telling India that it is their problem now, and bon chance.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: i.e., withdraw through Pakistan.

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