Trend #8: Uneven Development and the “African Time Bomb”
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  • Anthony

    “…that make Africa seem like a giant minefield….Too many governments are woefully unprepared to adapt their institutions and systems to live up to modern demands….” WRM, history and cultural patterns mixed with ethnic-tribal-boundary configurations make Trend #8 globally despairing – how is it brought around?

  • gooch mango

    I believe the Westphalian nation-state model is going to collapse and disappear in most of sub-Saharan Africa. It brings more pain and suffering to the people than hope or prosperity.

    Perhaps a city-state model will rise in its place, though that too will likely bring a few decades of ethnic cleansing before the population mix settles into any kind of stable structure.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The success or failure of a nation is dependent on it’s culture. Over the last few decades American Culture (Mankind’s most successful culture, and therefore best) has been getting spread to all of mankind, and is influencing all other cultures. Because of this, world economic growth has exploded over the last few decades, such that world GDP is now $75 Trillion with $15 Trillion of that in import/export trade. Even the backsliding and failed states are still being dragged forward by American Cultural momentum. I would like to remind everyone that most of the world’s cultures are very backward, and that cultural evolution occurs at glacial speeds. If we can get a democratic vote, or just get them to trade with us, that is a major victory, which will lead to more victories.

  • Kris

    “We need not go into the Greek case extensively here”

    No we needn’t, as another Greek already did, over 2500 years ago.

  • mb

    I agree with 99% of what you say, but “colonial boundaries that do not make sense?” Please. Take a map of Africa that shows tribal populations, and try to slice it up into nation/states so that no national boundaries divide any tribe, no nation is dominated by one tribe, no nation is going to be riven by strife between two major tribes, no small tribe is going to be crushed out of existence. (And since the rise of radical Islam, add religion to the mix.)

    Africa’s tribal system does not support division into nice, tidy nation-states of similar size and with comparable resources. Granted, a lot of the colonial boundaries don’t make sense – but it’s really hard to do any better.

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