Global Trend #1: Economic Upheaval
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  • stephen b

    “Economic policy managers” should be very careful about attempting to “manage the political and social disruptions brought on by economic turmoil.”
    This is what got us into trouble in the first place.
    They wanted us to believe they were being careful, but mostly they were feathering their own nests, or buying off preferred political constituencies, which amounts to the former.

  • Anthony

    “A new economic order is taking shape before our eyes, and it is one that includes accelerated convergence between old Western powers and the emerging world’s major new players.”

    In line with WRM’s Global Trend #1, this convergence has many fathers but primarily it reflects a new international economic order; this order has been facilitated by massive debt creation in the west – financial excesses, unprecedented leverage, etc.

    Now, in seeking creative and constructive ways forward, new enlightened policy making vis-a-vis market economies requires reform but in what manner remains to be established – a wild ride it will be.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I’ve been calling it Great Depression 2.0, it is characterized by the deflation of the Dollar, while at the same time Energy supply created inflation in the CPI hides the 30% fall in home prices ($6 trillion in lost equity for American family’s), and unemployment driven deflating wages.
    And our stupid Democrat leadership is so owned by the Enviros that we can’t even build a pipeline.

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