Flint, For One, Welcomes Its New Emergency Manager
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  • Corlyss

    Well, according to city-data.com, there’s one big difference between Flint and Detroit: the former is 49% black, while the latter is 75% black. In a political jurisdiction run by politicians who graduated from the Civil Rights School of Political Power as it functioned after MLK’s death, with the government programs and government employment apportioned on a race basis, responsible government for all will not come easily or naturally. I used to live in the DC area with the installed perpetual embarrassment known as Marion Barry. He was one such pol. The first answer, the only answer, to any problem was a government program. As is true of Head Start, results were irrelevant as long as the program transferred $$ one way or another to constituent groups. Given the colossal ineptitude of governments in both cities and the flaccid demand for better among their electorates and their perpetual adversarial stance when adherance to some meaningful standards is demanded of them, positive change ain’t gonna come in our lifetimes. As long as it don’t matter to the voters, those cities will continue to suffer from black racism and the poverty it cultivates for the sake of reparations.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    You never mention the fact that these incompetent politicians are always Democrats, that the fiscal irresponsibly run States and Cities, are always being run by Democrats. It’s like the Lame Stream Media reporting on political affiliation in a political scandal, they always conveniently forget to mention when the politician is a Democrat, but it is always prominently mentioned when they’re Republicans. Are the solutions to the demise of the Blue Model too politically unpalatable?
    Everywhere we look for solutions; it’s the Republicans that are leading the way. In New Jersey it’s Christie, in Indiana it’s Daniels, in Wisconsin it’s Walker, in Louisiana it’s Jindal, etc…
    Do you see a trend?

  • Bill Glahn

    Thanks for your coverage of Detroit and environs. My modest proposal is to reconstitute the Great Lakes port cities as free trade zones to foster something like a modern version of the old Hanseatic League.

  • MichaelM

    Welcome or not, I find the concept of an imposed regime replacing a democratically elected government horrifying.

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