A New Year’s Resolution for the OWS Set
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  • Kris

    “NYC’s mayor has committed to learn computer code by 2013”

    Given some of Bloomberg’s Big Nanny initiatives, I am sure many will be cheering this development, cf. “idle hands.”

  • Anthony

    “Brown wants the blue model back and he’s assembled the old alliance to make it happen….” WRM, given not only California’s economy but also long term bond rates and return of risk, Rail Project remains unfeasible presently.

  • Anthony

    Correction @2, wrong Quick Take post.

  • Corlyss

    Learning code?
    Okay. I get the on-line education. I get the technology. I don’t get learning code. It’s not like learning English or a foreign language that’s designed to communicate with people. I might even get learning code for youngsters. But adults? The only reason to learn code is to design software. I’m not interested in designing software or talking to machines. I might want to design apps for other people’s machines, but that’s a real market driven hobby for those who do it. It’s not a profession. Designing uses for the next generation of machines might be a better line on a profession. Apple computers and the iPod were not the answers to a consumer’s prayers. Steve Jobs made us want what he designed. That’s marketing, not tinkering.

  • I share your enthusiasm for online education, but the “history of film degree” comment was a bit curmudgeonly, don’t you think?

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