Turkey on the Edge
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  • “People all over the world are watching to see whether Turkey’s Islamist party can combine Islamic piety and democratic values.”

    It can’t, for the reason that democratic values and Islamism (and its requisite, the imposition of totalitarian Sharia law) are fundamentally and wholly incompatible.

  • John

    Indeed, it can’t work. One cannot be a true follower of Islam and a committed democrat. Quran and the Bill of Rights don’t go well together, do they? Child molesting, genocidal, hateful, vengeful, immoral so-called prophet Muhammad somehow did not envision a constitution where the power resides upon men.

    But engaging in wishful thinking is always fun, albeit counterproductive and, at times, dangerous.

    P.S. The Republic of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk understood Islam well. He said – “Islam, this absurd theology of an immoral Bedouin, is a rotting corpse which poisons our lives.”

  • a nissen

    Your sharp nose for paranoia maybe missed the Turkey PM on Tuesday pledging to strike back at “the interest rate lobby” attempting to “suck Turkey’s blood” by imposing high interest rates and causing inflation —contrary to orthodox economic theory.

    Reply from economist Tim Ash, RBS, London as reported to the WSJ:

    ” There’s absolutely no evidence of a speculative attack on the lira… worse, it comes as the market is increasingly confused by the central bank’s [Turkey’s] policy strategy; it’s either going to win them a Nobel Prize or it’s a road to nowhere.”

    No comment from Turkey’s legally independent central bank.

    Who’s on first?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Turkey is backsliding, and will suffer greater and greater economic, political, and justice problems as the Islamists consolidate their control.

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