For Now, China’s Snark Is Worse Than Its Bite
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  • US military strength is a necessary part of that search for a win-win solution.

    And Obama’s announced gutting of the military has just knocked the leg out from under that. Instead of a strong, confident superpower crafting a reasonable policy for Asia, we look like a doddering nation in decline. When and if push comes to shove with China, these cuts (if they go through) mean that this entente we’ve been building will be shown to be quite hollow.

  • Kris

    “China will make bitter, sarcastic remarks but otherwise do little.”

    This is completely unacceptable; doing nothing but making bitter, sarcastic remarks is my prerogative!

  • rkka

    “The US actually has no militaristic ambitions in Asia, nor do we want to drive China into a corner, humiliate it, or force a revolution down its throat.”

    So, your earlier notion expressed in the thread linked below that the US foreign policy elite and punditocracy is more hostile to China’s influence and interests than it is to Russia’s was economical with actuality.

  • Jeff77450

    Re. “…last fall saw the US roll out one move after another in a grand Pacific strategy aimed at deterring China from seeking regional hegemony.” Rhetorical question: Any chance that the beneficiaries–Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, India et al–will help to pay for it? And I mean *seriously* help to pay for it, not token amounts.

  • PTL

    Another Obama term and the Chinese won’t have to wait that long.

  • Willis

    “… it will be like a bull in a china shop…”

    No pun intended of course.

    “After all, might does not always make right.”

    As chairman Mao reminded Chiang Kai Shek.

  • Kris

    Anybody who still takes rkka seriously can carefully read the link he provides along with his spin on it and reach their own conclusions.

  • jim

    The “bull in a china shop” idea isn’t actually accurate.

    They did it on Mythbusters, where they set up rows of display shelves full of thrift shop glassware in a corral and chased bulls in there.

    Nothing was touched, and the bulls were actually amazingly agile the way they charged up and down and around the aisles!

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