Iranians Gloomy about War
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  • BD

    Regardless of the shortcomings in strategy in post-Saddam Iraq and Afghanistan overall, what people would ever express anything other than gloomy fatalism if they thought they were about to be engaged in war with the United States military?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    “The currency is falling, prices are rising, the economy is cratering, and to top it off, people on the street believe war is imminent.”
    Does the Iranian street know something we don’t, or are they just depressed and see the worst in everything?

  • riaaz booley

    The outcome of this war seems a fait accompli in the eyes and minds of most.Granted America has superior firepower as well as armaments,to assume a victory against iran as a foregone conclusion is a critical error of judgement,a folly extaordinaire.The first mistake most pundits make in their assesment of an inevitable iranian defeat,is their failure firstly to understand the underlying religious dimension of shia islam,its fortitude,the varying components that constitute it,as well as its swirling undercurrents ,of tsunmi proprtions i must add,and secondly turning a blind eye to it with a beligerent attitude of so what? Who cares? We defeated the taliban,destroyed the iraq army,steamrollered gaddafi and his cohorts,now bring on,on the contrary not, for it is this very religious dimension that will ensure the defeat of whatever coalition attacks iran.Problem with the west is,for all their multiplicity of think tanks,and vast array of intelligence experts,including computated assesments as well as probabilties factored into a war scenario with iran,truth is,not collectively can these apparatchnik anywhere remotely get it right.A case of the blind Main reason being,not unless they consult a member or members of the shia faith,and even this is no guarantee that they will be able to crack the iran code,the answer will remain either partially correct in any impended calculation,elusive,or horribly wrong,as the intelligence status quo has it now.for me to go into detail could be a betrayal to my fellow shia brothers and sisters,and for this very reason i will not indulge the secret of our power.however sophisticated ur weapons,however elaborate ur attack plans,not will you defeat shia islam.has it ever occurred to all of you that this war is your first against islam proper? That in itself is an aspect to deeply ponder over,and while you at it read about the battle of kerbalah.question is how do you defeat a nation of firm faith,moreso when ur entire causis belli to wage war is done so from a position of falsehood,an unjust war if ever there was one,the very that places God on our side.This war is no accident,its by Grand Design.This war is your Cosmic moment of Reckoning.Not just will you be defeated,this war heralds the end of your system,Your Appocalypse.And of course,your arrogance will never allow you to even contemplate the fact that ur demise is a possibility.Then again what does one expect from the godless? A rather predictable response……To quote your favourite warlord,the dishonourable george bush,dishonourable because of his complicity in the most dastardly act a president could ever inflict upon his subjects,9/11…Bring it on!

  • riaaz booley

    typo-A case of the blind leading the blind…

  • Some Sock Puppet


    We know you better than you think.

    Be extremely careful in what you wish for.

    You. Do. Not. Want. This.

  • Kris

    [email protected], before you lecture us, how about thanking Great Warlord George Bush for liberating your beloved city of Karbalah and allowing your coreligionists to go there on pilgrimage?

    Also, I love Cosmic Moment of Reckoning! Have you heard their latest CD yet?

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