Another Day, Another Church Shooting in Nigeria
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  • Jbird

    Militant Anglicans! Haven’t seen any of those in nearly 200 years.

  • WigWag

    Unfortunately, Nigeria isn’t the only country where Muslims are targeting other religious groups for elimination. No country has experienced more Islamic terrorism than India and no group has been targeted by Islamists more violently than Hindus.

    Unfortunately, all too often American leftists insist on taking the side of the terrorists and heaping disdain on their victims. Nowhere is this more true than in the hallowed halls of American colleges and universities where, protected by tenure, university faculty frequently conduct their own Jihad against those who stand up for Nigerian Christians or Indian Hindus.

    A perfect recent example of this comes out of Harvard University which recently fired Professor Subramanian Swamy a part time Professor of Economics and head of India’s “Janata” Party.

    Swamy has been associated with Harvard in one way or the other for over 50 years. He received his undergraduate degree there and he’s co-authored papers with Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson.

    Swamy is responsible for facilitating the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and China and India and Israel. Swamy’s wife is a Parsi; he has a Jewish brother-in-law, a Christian sister-in-law, and a Muslim son-in-law. He himself is a Hindu. In 1994, Swamy was appointed as chairman of Commission on Labour Standards and International Trade, with a cabinet minister’s rank.

    Why did Harvard fire Swami? His crime it seems was to offer a strategy for fighting Islamic terrorism in India. Shortly after another in a long line of terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Swami published a provocative Op-Ed outlining his strategy for how to handle India’s Islamic terrorists. The Op-Ed can be read in its entirety here,

    After reading the Op-Ed a small number of Harvard students led by Professor Diana L. Eck, Harvard’s diversity princess, insisted that Swami’s teaching appointment be terminated. The leftist automaton faculty members who populate (or is it pollute) Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences naturally jumped on the bandwagon and Swami was gone.

    It is interesting to note who Professor Eck is. She heads the Harvard “Pluralism Project.” Harvard suggests that press inquiries be directed to her in the following areas: gay and lesbian issues, Islam, America, multiculturalism, Hinduism, ordination of women, pluralism, Southeast and Southern Asia.

    Eck is a prominent supporter of a radical Mosque in Boston, the Roxbury Mosque and she has never met or read about an Islamic extremist that she couldn’t make excuses for. Naturally she fits in perfectly with so many of the other boneheads who teach at Harvard.

    What makes Eck’s story particularly ironic is that she is a lesbian who is married to Reverend Dorothy Austin, a chaplain at Harvard’s “Memorial Church.” There is not a single Islamic nation that Eck has apologized for that wouldn’t gladly have her stoned to death if she and her wife were caught walking down the street hand in hand. Neither the Roxbury Mosque nor any other Mosque in the United States sanctions the marriage of lesbians; but that doesn’t seem to bother either Professor Eck or Reverend Austin. After all, it’s the alter of multiculturalism that they genuflect before.

    More about this miscarriage of justice can be found here,

    Christians in Nigeria and Hindus in India should not look to the American left as they seek allies in their fight against terrorists; the American left is just too busy trying to figure out how to make the terrorists feel affection for us. Unfortunately, the current occupant of the White House takes the same approach far too often.

    Lenin was reported to have remarked that capitalists can be counted on to sell the rope upon which they would hang. Apparently he could have said the same thing about lesbian faculty and clergy at Harvard.

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