Boko Haram Tells Christians: Run or Die
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  • Gary L

    I’m reminded of this grim 2004 satire from The Onion

    “Nigeria Chosen To Host 2008 Genocides”,1261/

  • Corlyss

    Where are the Chinese in all this?

    If they can’t have the Nigerian light, sweet crude, they certainly want to deny it to their potential enemies, i.e., us.

  • Kris

    So if I understand correctly, Boko Haram believes Muslims should have nothing to do with petroleum?

  • Émmanuel Militan

    If boko haram want to see what Christian can do Let them try attacking the south

  • Martina Ishado

    God is just giving Boko haram time to repent… Boko Haram members tomorrow may be too late repent and pray for forgiveness…..

  • Christians we are going back 2 d law of Moses do me i do u (revege) or hw do we c?

  • We are NOT going any where! Is JESUS CHRIST that keep us in d north

  • Our president u are d cost of all of this crises due 2 d fuel subsidy we need d price per litre as b4 #65.boko haram repent

  • Remember wht you have dne to muslim in jos.

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