The Best of All Hangover Cures
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  • Kenny

    You offer sage advice here, Mr. Mead.

  • Gary L

    Speaking of hangover cures, one of the great duos of English literature – Bertrie Wooster and Reginald Jeeves – first became a team as a result of a Wooster hangover and a Jeeves pick-me-up. The facts are related in PG Wodehouse’s 1925 short story “Jeeves Takes Charge.” Bertie, in need of a valet, conducts his initial interview with Jeeves while “feeling pretty rocky” after an evening of extended revelry. The omniscient Jeeves perceives Bertie’s distress, and provides the solution (the following three paragraphs are from Wodehouse’s story, which Bertie narrates)

    “If you would drink this, sir,” [Jeeves] said, with a kind of bedside manner, rather like the royal doctor shooting the bracer into the sick prince. “It is a little preparation of my own invention. It is the Worcester sauce that gives it its colour. The raw egg makes it nutritious. The red pepper gives it its bite. Gentlemen have told me they find it extremely invigorating after a late evening.”

    I would have clutched at anything that looked like a life-line that morning. I swallowed the stuff. For a moment I felt as if somebody had touched off a bomb inside the old bean and was strolling down my throat with a lighted torch, and then everything seemed suddenly to get all right. The sun shone in through the window; birds twittered in the tree-tops; and, generally speaking, hope dawned once more.

    “You’re engaged!” I said, as soon as I could say anything.

    Later in the same story, Jeeves manipulates events so as to end Bertie’s relationship with Florence Craye, a young woman who was wanted Bertie to read Nietzsche. Jeeves tells him, “You would not enjoy Nietzsche, sir. He is fundamentally unsound.” I was much enamored of Nietzsche in my youth, but as I’ve grown older, I’m come to think Jeeves’ warning as yet another hangover cure.

  • David

    Mike Royko’s 1974 column on this is my standard reference: “try moaning.” Classic.

  • Luke Lea

    The hangover is the cure, if you are lucky.

  • dearieme

    @GL: have this one on the house.

  • Gary L

    Luke Lea says:
    The hangover is the cure, if you are lucky.

    That is true – which means that there are some species luckier than us. The following passage is from the first chapter of Charles Darwin’s “The Descent of Man”….

    “Many kinds of monkeys have a strong taste for tea, coffee, and spirituous liquors: they will also, as I have myself seen, smoke tobacco with pleasure. Brehm asserts that the natives of north-eastern Africa catch the wild baboons by exposing vessels with strong beer, by which they are made drunk. He has seen some of these animals, which he kept in confinement, in this state; and he gives a laughable account of their behavior and strange grimaces. On the following morning they were very cross and dismal; they held their aching heads with both hands, and wore a most pitiable expression: when beer or wine was offered them, they turned away with disgust, but relished the juice of lemons. An American monkey,an Ateles, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus was wiser than many men.”

  • DougS

    1. As stated in a comment above, and in a sense, by WRM, the hangover is the cure. I’m of the belief that Alcoholics must not feel the pain of hangovers as badly as non alcoholics.
    2. If memory of hangover pain has failed, Percocet.

  • David

    I have tried a few so called hangover cures in the past, most have only helped to dull the pain. I have finally found something that actually works, Alcotox. It claims to prevent your hangover. Well I am hear after a heavy session last night and woke without the usual hangover, thank you Alcotox. No one wants a hangover give it a try, if it works for pass the word on. I have done my bit.

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