Tinseltown Meets China
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  • Luke Lea

    China is a near-totalitarian society, lest we forget. Or would Professor Mead care to disagree?

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Who cares what the Chinese say, everyone will have to admit that the Chinese are so afraid of a little blind guy that they have considerable manpower tasked to hold him in extra legal house arrest, and are willing to make a scene to prevent visitors, rather than just throw the guy in prison. Wow, are they crazy. I would think that even Nationalist Chinese will recognize the persecution for what it is, and worry that the same thing can be done to them, they after all aren’t protected American Actors.

  • Keith McLennan

    The Dalai Lama, not the Dalia Lama. Dalia is a Arab woman’s name.

  • Kris

    “Christian Bale has gotten into a spat of his own with Chinese officials”

    Doesn’t mean much in itself: Bale could easily get in a spat with Mother Teresa. 🙂 But yes, pretty bad PR for China.

    [email protected]: Semitic would be more accurate.

  • william

    “but we should not overestimate the effects of the Bale incident on Chinese politics.”

    I’d be happy to see Tom Friedman recognize that China is not perfect, along with the other liberal fascists.

    Freedom is the alternative to slavery.

    But Power over others is soooooooo attractive!

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