War on the Young: Healthcare Edition
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  • david c

    I’m middle-aged and I’m feeling pretty “Stucked To”. I just got my health insurance premium notice for 2012, almost $1,600 per month, thats up nearly 50% in two years.

  • Jordan

    “If the millennial generation ever figures out the intergenerational scamming at the heart of what’s left of the blue social model, American politics will change, fast.”

    I did figured it out and the voiced the fact, but in another thread was called a whiner unworthy of the sacrifices of those who have served the country in the past…

  • Leigh

    I’m not sure that the individual mandate will get past the Supreme Court.

    In any event, everyone is going to wind up with the health insurance I have now with a very high deductible and the premium getting higher as one gets older. Start saving your money now.

  • gmcinva

    I’m not quite sure of your logic here. Young people (up to age 26) are added to their parents’ insurance which is paid for by the whole insurance pool while the recently added young people get nearly free insurance. The cost is picked up by the older members of the pool – not the newly added.

    If you are referring to existing Medicare taxes, you may have a point although those taxes fall disproportionally on people with higher earnings which usually occur later in one’s career.

  • Jack

    What’s with the gratuitous male-bashing at Via Meadia? Are young women today really such paragons of virtue in comparison with young men?

  • bobby b

    “What’s with the gratuitous male-bashing . . . ”

    Sorry. It’s just that we’re all getting a bit tired of gratuitous males.

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