Do Christians, Muslims and Jews Worship the Same God?
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  • Anthony

    Peter Berger writes as always an informative and insightful exposition; for me WRM, key takeaway is “humanity” as common ground. We may proffer that humanity is an essential part to creation and to faith; yet, we must move beyond abstraction of humanity to actualize its particulate; it may be there that common ground is obtained.

  • Ken Marks

    The god of the Muslims who tells them to kill Christians and Jews cannot, by definition, be the God of the Chrisitians and Jews. Our God would not tell one group of people who claimed to worship Him to kill others who do worship Him. All other theological arguments to the contrary are nothing but hot air.

  • Luke Lea

    Perhaps the answer is to go back to the original texts and see how this God of Abraham was described. He is described as just, no respecter of persons, who judged every man according to his deeds. Hence the shield of all those who followed his path.

    A genuine fear of God was the only warrant of security in the Hobbesian world of late Bronze Age antiquity. No wonder the ancient Hebrew people, few in number, accepted him as their Lord and took it upon themselves to spread his name wherever they went.

    He is a guardian of the weak at all times and places, provided only they are just in relations with others. That holds whether they be Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or Jew.

    At least that is the God I believe in.

  • gs

    It seems reasonable that the differences between Abrahamic religions seem starker when these religions are compared to each other than when they are compared to nonAbrahamic religions.

    Soooo…is there a trinity of Abrahamic religions? Just asking.

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