Cybersnoops: The New Face Of War
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  • Anthony

    Obviously, China has applied convergence, commitment, discipline, and purpose WRM; to counterbalance, we must exhibit converse (convergence…are…U.S.) – America has wherewithal; we must generally imbue the will.

  • Luke Lea

    We’ve joined ourselves at the hip with a corrupt society, ruled by a government which tyrannizes its own people and flaunts its agreements with the rest of the world.

    If Chimerica doesn’t work out — or China collapses from its own internal contradictions — it could plunge the entire globe into the deepest of depressions.

    Who is responsible for this dangerous state of affairs?

    Why the American academic economics establishment, of course. Led by Paul Samuelson, whose arrogance knew no bounds, and cheered on by Paul Krugman, academic economists were unanimous in their support for China’s being admitted to the WTO.

    Looks like they didn’t think it through.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The China boogie man rears his ugly head. How many times must we hear about how China is going to knock the US off the top of the hill? The Soviet Union used to rob us blind of our technical secrets, look where it got them. Without the entrepreneurs to develop new products and services, you are left with the Government Monopoly to put the secrets to work. Do you think that the victims of these thefts are worried about competition from the Chinese Government? If Apple was worried about the theft of their technology, why are they building their iPad in China?
    The theft is bad, but this is a tempest in a teapot, as little of this stolen information is going to get to the real competition in a timely fashion.

  • Kris

    One hopes some people still know how to play the game.

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