The Brits Tune Out The Greens
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  • TwoDogs

    “even if the President gets his second term”

    Bite your tongue.

  • Phil

    What those surveys actually ask is “What would you say is the most important issue facing Britain today?”.

    Only one answer is allowed, and – you may have noticed – we’re on the verge of recession. Last month the Economy got 44%, Unemployment just 14%, Environment 4%, Poverty got 2%, and Defence & International Terrorism 1%. Does that mean Brits don’t care about poverty or terrorism?

    And the 2007 figure was immediately after a big climate change report had come out, compared to now when the economy fills the news every day.

  • Corlyss

    Well, it’s always nice to see the public “won’t be fooled again.” I frequently check in on Mark Morano’s lively

    Unfortunately, in Europe especially, how the public feels about a wide variety of issues is simply ignored by the elites who run the governments. They know best, you know. The elites, including American elites, have all decided that western civilization is a blight upon the earth, bigoted and racist and suicidally destructive as it is, that no amount of prosperity is too great to sacrifice to their green Articles of Faith, that science which can’t be manipulated to support their theses is irrelevant, and therefore they will not stop, never mind dismantle, the cumbersome fictions and processes littered throughout their laws designed to make manifest the Greens most extreme dreams.

    Jobs might preoccupy the lumpenproletariat, but that only frees up the experts, who know what’s best for us, to implement their Green plans, because it’s pretty obvious even to the stones in the street that jobs is not now and never has been the principal focus of post-WW2 European politicians. That’s pretty evident from the tortured gyrations the EU has gone thru to avoid doing the right thing regarding sovereign debt for the last 3 years.

  • Kris

    [email protected], the sky is falling, and people are worrying about a mere recession?!

    Alternate title: Bjorn Lomborg’s revenge.

  • Exurban

    Jobs might preoccupy the lumpenproletariat…

    No, theft, drugs, gambling and sex preoccupy the lumpenproletartiat, who are criminals, beggars and layabouts. Today’s elites prefer the lumpenproletariat to workers of whatever class. Jobs preoccupy the proletariat.

  • Visionar

    The World’s Climate Cycles

    The World’s Climate is driven by our sun’s cycles of more of less energetic radiation. The Sunspots cycles of about 12 years matches up well with Jupiter’s orbit. Our solar systems four gas giants wobble the sun off solar center by as much as a million miles and when the sun’s inertia is more radically changed by the four planets it is drive to a more energetic state.
    When the sun is more energetic, it emits more UV radiation (10%) and more solar wind and less cosmic rays strike earth’s atmosphere and less cooling clouds are formed. When a coronal mass ejection strickes earth cosmic rays drop dramatically in a Forbush decrease.
    The Pacific stores this warming and the PDO swings to Warm. When the Sun is less energetic, there are fewer sunspots and the inverse occurs and PDO swings to cool as it has…so expect the next 20-30 years of cooling.
    Of the last 10,500 years, 9,098 years have been warmer or much warmer than today.
    In Fact in the past 65 million years the earth is the coolest it has been including the variable Ice Ages.
    Since 2007 the sea levels have dropped by 20 mm.
    Glaciers are growing.
    Overall, with sunspot activity way down expect a much cooler climate in years to come. CO2 is plant food.

  • Bonfire of the Idiocies

    One doesn’t have to be a scientist or understand science to realize when a bunch of secret emails turn up comments like “hide the decline” or talk of punching out rivals who aren’t on the bandwagon, that does NOT encourage trust for whatever the writers are trying to sell. Nobody likes being conned and they are even less trustful the second time around. The AGW movement has damaged its credibility, perhaps beyond redemption. If they had any real points to make, it’s humanity’s loss, otherwise, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • FrancisChalk

    So the Brits are turning away from Marxism, which was the only goal of the idiotically named Green Movement.

  • joninBritland

    Phil is right.. those were the questions asked.
    And Francis Chalk… Oh dear.

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