Butcher Assad’s Allies: Hezbollah Steps Up, Hamas Steps Out
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  • Middle East needs peace

  • Kris

    It seems like only yesterday when American administrations were pressuring hawkish and obstreperous Israeli governments to sign a peace treaty with the Assad regime (i.e. cede strategically important land to it) or at least to “get to the damn table.”

    stephenswab: “Middle East needs peace”

    And punks need to get beat down.

  • Toni

    I doubt that the Butcher as interviewed by Barbara Walters was delusional. Like bin Laden, he knows that Arabs tend to follow the strong horse. Saddam would have said the same. Butcher Assad has to claim to be strong.

  • Toni

    I’m with Kris. The anti-Semitic left doesn’t care what sort of murderous dictator you are. What matters is that Israel must submit.

    But I don’t think GW Bush ever tried to get Israel to cede land to Syria.

  • But, as the Palestinian “nationalist” mevemont descended from airline hijackings to the intifada to self-detonating in pizza parlors, it never occurred to their glamorous patrons to wonder if maybe this was, in fact, a terrorist mevemont conveniently adopting the guise of nationalism.ff,steyn agrees with me.why can’t you?

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