Palestinians Concede UN Push Has Not Advanced The Cause
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  • “But the core problem of the “land for peace” formula remains: Israelis cannot offer enough land to get the kind of peace they want.”

    That’s not really the “core problem” — which is instead that — even if Israel accepts the notion that some six decades of Arab/Palestinian rejectionism, terrorism and war should be simply forgotten and that therefore the Palestinian should now get the equivalent of 100 percent of the pre-1967 Jordanian West Bank and Egyptian-controlled Gaza (as offered by Olmert) — the Palestinians are apparently neither willing nor able to offer the peace Israel can rightfully expect and demand.

    I also don’t think that the cause of peace is in any way furthered by avoiding to point out what has been amply illustrated by the discourse in the Arab and Muslim world for decades, and what is now going to bear poisonous fruit in the newly “democratic” Islamist-ruled Middle East: as long as antisemitic tropes and anti-Israel incitement are everyday standard fare, it doesn’t really matter how much land Israel offers for peace, because short of ceasing to exist, it will never be “enough” to counter the glorification of “resistance” that is so popular in a region that doesn’t really have all that much else to glorify.

    The whole Mideast policy debate is hopelessly skewed and outright dishonest — just one example: Can you ever imagine that a leading Israeli politician representing a religious Jewish party that just won elections would come to do the rounds in Washington think tanks, where he would explicitly reject a Palestinian state and refuse to rule out violence against the Palestinians, and then Washington’s best and brightest would fawn all over the place about what a nice and moderate chap he is?

    Well, it worked out splendidly for Tunisia’s Ghannouchi…

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