The US-Pakistan Gulf Widens Into A Chasm
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  • John Burke

    So be it. I have come to believe that Pakistan’s military establishment will need to experience a new round of hard raps before it can be changed. If that means going another round with its main enemy, India, that may be just as well.

    One has to say, they are really asking for it. It came very close as a consequence of the terrorist attack on Mumbai a couple of years ago which plainly involved elements of the Army or ISI.

  • The sad thing is, India doesn’t want to invade Pakistan. It’s like the US with Iraq and Afghanistan when people say we’re going there to colonize them. This sounds awful, but compared to the US, these countries are shall we say “not good.” We don’t want to occupy your country. I mean, c’mon man!

    Anyway, like I said, paranoia, anti-semitism, it’s all the same. Pakistan’s paranoia of India, an Afghanistan not under their control, the US, whatever, it’s all just that, paranoia.

  • Independent George

    Be very, very sure that the Pakistani defense establishment looks at these developments and America’s apparent acceptance of them as the deeds that define US attitudes toward Pakistan.

    The funny thing is that they are deeds that define US attitudese toward Pakistan: we don’t trust them. It’s just that the Pakistanis interprets it to mean we are plotting with the Indians to weaken and humiliate Pakistan.

    This is a cultural conflict which I don’t see any clear resolution to, because it is a conflict of cultural norms and resentments, not a negotiation of clearly defined interests.

  • Greg Q

    “From the Pakistani point of view, the United States is an enemy, not an ally, and America’s plans for postwar Afghanistan are to be frustrated, not helped.”,/i>

    From any rational point of view, Pakistan has been the US’s enemy over the last 10 years. It’s entirely proper that we return the favor.

    Pakistanis need to understand that their old ways won’t work, and will get their country destroyed. Sorry about Kashmir. You lost, get over it. Radical Islam is a bad idea. Any officer who espouses or supports it is an enemy to your country. Do not buy them off, kill them.

    Here’s a hint: you cannot fight the US and win. When teh next big terrorist attack hit the US from your allies, we will make you pay for it.

    And China won’t raise a finger to stop us.

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