French Hawkishness In The Middle East
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  • Raymond R

    Les mots pour entrepreneur en Francais son entrepreneur, initiateur, promoteur

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Your admiration for French foreign policy is silly. What has it done for them? No one trusts them, and expects them to stick a knife in their back the moment they look away. Even in the Gulf war they were sent off into the deep desert where no one would have to fight with them, or have them at their back. Popular culture recognizes them as the “cheese eating surrender monkeys” for a reason. If they have anything to teach us at all, it is more in the nature of what not to do, than what to do.
    I for one think that French mucking about in the middle-east isn’t good for anyone, and especially not for America or our Israeli allies.

  • Speaking of surrender monkeys:

    Can anyone explain to me why those vile French should have so abjectly capitulated to the Nazis in 1940 (apart from certain inherent character defects so capably delineated by our popular media)? The way I figure it, they’d have had every chance of whipping the tar out of those cowardly, demoralized Germans had they but chosen to show even an ounce of spirit.

    Personally I can think of no explanation for their actions other than the most craven casualty-shyness. Good grief, you’d think they had suffered losses of upwards of a million men in some conflict of recent memory. I mean, the least they could have done was to furnish a few token acts of resistance, just to prove they still had a bit of spunk left in them. Surely they must have known that an overwhelming American majority supported entry into the war in 1940: All the French had to do was prove their battle-worthiness, and we Yanks would had their backs in a matter of days. After all, who knows better than we do what it is to suffer repeated land invasions/occupations? (Why, think of all our many invaders: Indians, Mexicans, Filipinos – to name just a few.) Whereas the French – honestly, how many times have they suffered foreign troops on their soil in the past 175 years?

    No doubt about it – some SERIOUSLY bad foreign policy decisions by those clueless French, and esp. in 1940. And all the more since here was a mess they’d gotten themselves into (needlessly provoking those peaceful, cowardly Germans, etc). And us, on the other side of the Atlantic, just waiting – as always – to bail them out. All they had to do was whistle.

  • Raymond, I think that Walter Meade is aware that entrepreneur is a French word. He was retelling a joke at George Bush’s expense [that is, the Bush didn’t know that].

    Meade is right that the Sunni Muslim rulers in the Persian Gulf are afraid of Teheran and its nuke program. Somehow Obama and others in Washington pretended to themselves or to the American people that it was only Israel that feared and opposed Iran’s nuke project. But wikileaks gave the lie to that pretense. I wonder if Washington will ever really understand that an Iranian nuke is a threat to world peace. By the way, France and Italy [also worried about the Iranian nuke] are a lot closer to the range of the new Iranian missiles than the US is.

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