America Has Yet More To Be Thankful For
Published on: November 24, 2011
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  • Luke Lea

    @ WRM – “The culture of liberty that formed us, a unique blend of deep faith in God, deep love of liberty, and a respect for a diversity and plurality of faiths, is perhaps the greatest blessing we enjoy.” So true. Which reminds me, why didn’t you mention the Protestant faith the other day on when you explaining the roots of American popular support for Israel?

    You talk as good as you write btw. Hope you appear there again.

  • Luke Lea

    In right-wing circles people are sometimes asked, “Are you proud to be Americans?” My answer would be, “No, but I am grateful.” Like you said, it is more than we deserve. I thank my ancestors for that, and for the faith they had which made it all possible.

  • Anthony

    “This day of Thanksgiving has its part in that culture of liberty and over the generations the celebration of this day in which we give thanks to the Author of our freedom and the Source of our prosperity is one of the ways in which new waves of immigrants have become of our national family. As immigrant families begin to make Thanksgiving celebrations part of their family rituals, they make their families part of a nation. Thanksgiving isn’t just a day on which Americans celebrate their past; it is a celebration that helps to build our future.”

    WRM, on this day of thanks the above, for me, says it all (as the blessings of providence sustain us). Happy Thanksgiving to All.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Mankind is now evolving Culturally, thousands of times faster than we ever have genetically, and American Culture is on Mankind’s bleeding edge of that evolution. Inferior cultures look at American Culture and say our success is due to our resources, our location, and luck. But, they are lying to themselves rather than face the poor choices and decisions their own cultures have made.
    I firmly believe that had American Culture developed along the Amazon, or the Horn of Africa, or Siberia, it would be just as successful there as it has been here. It’s not resources (Japan), or good neighbors (Great Britain), that make a people or a nation successful, rather it’s their Culture which defines what their future holds.
    So on this Thanksgiving Day, it’s our bleeding edge American Culture that I am thankful for.

  • Corlyss

    I’m thankful for all that America is and does, even her mistakes. No nation on earth self-corrects like America, thanks to those knobbly little Tocquevillian knots of citizens who form and reform themselves into effective political action to do what they think is right. God bless ’em all. Long may we wave.

  • Ditto for me re Mr Lea’s comments @ #4. I couldn’t have put it better myself, and as usual I didn’t.

    Along (I believe) much the same lines, there is this ONE THING, in the matter of individual vs national ethics, that I’ve never understood:

    If it’s true that a Christian disciple only achieves mastery – only succeeds in becoming ALL he was created to be – by becoming a servant to all, and by “esteeming others better than himself,” why should that be any less true of a country? And in particular a great country? When did the very pride and arrogance that have been always meant death and despair for the individual soul somehow suddenly, magically (in 1776?) become life and hope for a nation? I know we’ve come a LONG way (baby) since Valley Forge, but it seems hardly the sort of path of which General Washington would have approved.

    Anyhow, a most blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones, Professor Mead. And thanks for some warm, wise words on behalf of all the reasons we Americans have for being both thankful AND hopeful. They’re needed today perhaps more than ever.

  • Sorry, once again asleep at the wheel. What I MEANT to say in the first line of post #6 was “Ditto for me re Mr Lea’s comments @ #2.”

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