Staggering Markets Crash State Pension Funds
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  • Mogden

    The impending detonation will be astonishing.

  • dearieme

    “in generally week market conditions”: let those interns feel the anger of your lash.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      They will, they will…

  • Jim.

    We’re already going to be paying more than we can afford for Boomers (and too many of us will shortsightedly forgo having kids because of it). The idea that the Dems have of loading yet more new entitlements on top of that is just grotesque.

    We cannot prevent all the misfortunes in the world. We can, however, prevent the human-caused misfortunes of tyrannical and confiscatory tax policy.

  • Jordan

    And we saw this coming decades ago. Decades of kick the can down the road. Way to go.

  • And those responsible are trying their best to stop Government Accounting Standards Board rule changes that would reveal even the smallest aspect of their scam.

  • nineteen50

    Can anyone spell lockbox?

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