Is Belgium the Future of Europe?
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  • WigWag

    “is Belgium the future of Europe?” (Walter Russell Mead )


  • Kenny

    “Can’t we all just get along.” Rodney King

  • Andrew Allison

    A minor correction: Italy is recent, third “I”, addition PIIIGS.
    It occurred to me while reading Prof. Mead’s always insightful commentary that perhaps the EU, specifically the enormous transfer payments to feed the bureaucratic monster in Brussels which obviated the need to build a real economy, was the cause of the decline of Belgium?

  • Mahon

    Just what we need: more pointless little countries. How about Flanders becomes a province of the Netherlands, Wallonia becomes a department (or whatever) of France, and Brussels remains as the EU DC? Belgium was an invention of the British Foreign Office in the first place, and has served its purpose.

  • dearieme

    Yup, PIIGS -> BIGPIS.

  • cas

    Perhaps it might have helped if all of the area once known as “the Spanish Netherlands” had merged with “the United Provinces” centuries ago, to become one entity…I’m sure that the people who were once living along the Congo river would agree…

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