Obama Steps Into Great Game
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  • Kris

    “Obama Steps Into Great Game”

    You name it, he’ll step into it.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    He has 1 year left to gain something on the foreign policy front, to balance 3 years of failures. He has failed to take advantage of the “Arab Spring”, failed in Israel, failed with missile defense and the Russian reset, he had to be dragged into presenting the previously negotiated trade agreements with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama, he hasn’t shown leadership at any of the economic summits, he is endangering the seed of American culture placed in Iraq with early withdrawal, I can’t think of any reason why he is suddenly going to become a master of the great game in his final year after 3 years of failure.

  • gracepmc

    Almost laughable. Apologies. But really? Even Panetta himself is warning what current Congressional inaction could do to the military, which internally is being undermined by an overdose of political correctness. And last time I checked we had a good chance of losing Manas to Russia, Obama’s newest BFF. Russia in the WTO — brilliant, good times, good tims. And Canada is looking to China as a customer for the oil deal that Obama squelched in the interest of political campaigning, over American jobs. If this is part of the pre Great Game strategy perhaps Obama should consider adding Herman Cain to the Susans and Hillary. And that brings me way too close to a very bad joke. The only reason Obama is animated about this is because it brings him closer to his Grand Vision of himself. This has nothing to do with America. Oh yeah, perhaps he might have to chat up the land of the lazy on the international scene but other than almost bringing this country to its knees Obama hasn’t shown anything to suggest he is capable of a sound foreign policy. At least his cut in run in Afghanistan resembles the Russian. And finally, it takes money to play these “games” and right now we get ours by either printing it or borrowing from China. There is nothing in Obama’s pathetic presidency that suggests he can even spell sound commercial policy.

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