Greens Cry Wolf Once Again
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  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I think they are Chicken Littles constantly screaming that the sky is falling and it’s the end of the world, and not the boy who cried wolf. I mean there really was a wolf, but the sky is only falling to generate more donations and get their hand deeper into the Tax Payers pocket. Let’s face it the environmentalist movement (Enviro misanthropes) must have an existential threat or it will die, as people haters are despised by all responsible civilized people.

  • Luke Lea

    Though I don’t share his politics, string theorist and former Harvard Fellow Lubos Motl is my go-to guy for the science behind this issue. What Lubos lacks in manners (which I personally find refreshing) he more than makes up for with his knowledge and ability to explain the science in good broken English. Can be funny too.

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