And Another One Bites the Dust…
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  • “The blue edifice…”

    Uh, Alabama is the new epicenter of chardonnay liberalism?

  • WigWag

    “The Blue edifice is crumbling, and it hurts.” (Walter Russell Mead)

    In case Professor Mead failed to notice, Jefferson County, Alabama is located in one of the “reddest” of the Red states. Shouldn’t he be pointing out that the “Red edifice is crumbling?”

  • dibbi

    So Alabama is a Blue state.

    Who knew?

  • Kenny

    No state has been entirely immune to the blue social model. It is a disease that has affected the entire country to varying degrees.

    Mr. Mead’s point holds.

  • WigWag

    “But events in Jefferson might herald the beginning of a new problem. As the article notes, despite renewed confidence in the municipal bond market this year, this latest bankruptcy filing will push up borrowing costs for other municipalities in Alabama that need to tap the market…The Blue edifice is crumbling, and it hurts.” (Walter Russell Mead or one of his interns)

    This definition is from the Oxford English Dictionary:

    “Crimson; a strong, bright, deep red color.”

    I think we can safely assume that this post was authored by one of Professor Mead’s flog-worthy interns. After all, isn’t forgetting that Alabama (home of the Crimson Tide) is a red state reminescent of Rick Perry’s debate performance where he forgot the third federal agency that he wants to eliminate?

  • While everyone beats on Prof. Mead for using “Blue” and Alabama in the same paradigm, let me point out that he is still accurate in his critique of the “blue” model.

    Building crap that no one needs or wants (save the corrupt interests that want to tax citizens to build baubles), is a “blue” strategy, even when enacted by “red” state municipal “Boss Hoggs.”

    Illinois, once again, is the poster child. Red counties and towns are loaded with piggish bosses who love to build needless baseball stadiums for AAAA teams from nowhere. They love to use municipal bonds to finance the purchase of hotels, convention centers, useless glass pyramids, and needless pools and recreation centers.

    Blue isn’t Dem or Rep. It’s spending, and if there is piggish spender, he’s blue, no matter what he thinks of abortion or gays.

    Public employment, and the gigantism of public projects will be the death of the Anglosphere, and of small town America.

    I’m just finishing a trip to Rome, where the rotted husks of the old empire are a testament to the “blue model.” Did the empire experience imperial overreach in the military sense? Probably. But it also built itself to death, as the waste of massive public projects drained the treasury of resources.

    Pigs inhabit both parties. Take from an Illinoisian, where Republicans, not Democrats, built the model that destroyed the state.

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