Do China's Millionaires Want To Jump Ship?
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  • Harun

    Another factor is that many wealthy people in China broke the law to get rich.

    Corrupt officials who are millionaires of course want to flee.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Are they interested in buying houses in the US. We have a lot for sale.

  • Bart Hall (Kansas, USA)

    Most of the “old money” left fifteen years ago, ahead of Hong Kong’s 1997 reversion. Thousands of them ended up in Vancouver.

    The current millionaires are presumably new money from the southeast.

  • All in all, music to my ears. (Whew! talk about schadenfreude. Pray for me, would you all?)

  • WigWag

    I hope that the United States is smart enough to eschew the anti-immigration hysteria and welcome these entrepreneurial Chinese millionaires to the United States with open arms.

  • Emerson

    At some point will they be allowed to leave? Nobody escapes Utopia.

  • deadman

    WigWag: It’s an anti-ILLEGAL-immigration mood. Funny how so few people outside Arizona and Alabama can make that simple distinction.

  • Luke Lea

    China is a black box. All we know is that apart from a special export sector on its southeastern coast, it is in large measure a “centrally planned economy” run by a totalitarian committee. And that it is riddled with corruption. Why we trust the statistics coming out of China is a mystery to me. Anything could happen.

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