“I’m Not a Lobbyist, I’m a Campaign Donor Who Lobbies”
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  • Toni

    Oh heck. You should have been shocked, shocked! in 2009 when, contrary to promises, Obama hired lobbyists for key administration posts. Along with Tim Geithner and other tax cheats.

    How about primo crony capitalist Bill Daley, who became White House Chief of Staff in January? See “The American Nomenklatura” in Forbes, Jan. 26:

    “Does anyone seriously believe that Bill Daley, son of the founder of Chicago’s great political machine, is something other than a crony capitalist? That he became president of a Baby Bell phone company, created by government fiat, protected by state public utility regulators because of his knowledge of telecommunications technology and not because of his association with power? Does anyone believe that when JPMorgan purchased a regional Chicago bank, which required both federal and especially state regulatory approval, that Daley’s political credentials were irrelevant?

    “The Daleys of the world, the Rubins of the world, the Rahm Emmanuels of the world who rotate out of commerce secretary, treasury secretary, White House chief of staff positions and into positions at the top of investment banks, government-regulated utility monopolies and various GSEs are our nomenklatura. They are the members of our permanent ruling class.”

    Stinks, huh?


  • Toni

    More Obama-donor-lobbyist muck:

    “Wealthy revolving-door banker Peter Orszag epitomizes everything Obama ran against. Orszag was Obama’s budget director until the 2010 elections at which point he cashed out to bailed-out megabank Citigroup. A Citi executive touted Orszag’s “key … government experience” and “his expertise in economic policy.” In other words, Orzag has monetized his public service and sold it to Citi, which, like all big banks, counts on favorable government policy for its profits.

    “Apparently feeling fairly plush after nine months at a Wall Street salary, Orszag cut a $35,800 check last month to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee that divides its funds between the official Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee. To sum up: Orszag gained inside knowledge and connections on the taxpayer dime, put them to work for a big bank, then used his salary from this bailed-out bank to give the maximum contribution to the man who hired him in the White House.”

    But Orszag doesn’t count, so to speak. “So how do they skate around Obama’s “ban”? They are not currently registered under the Lobbying Disclosure Act, and so they don’t meet the Obama campaign’s definition of “lobbyist.”…

    “Under federal law, anyone who spends at least 20 percent of his or her time on “lobbying activities” is supposed to register. There is almost no enforcement of this registration requirement, as proving a violation would require knowing how an unregistered individual spends all his time. The biggest effect of Obama’s restrictions on lobbyists, regarding giving and serving on boards, has been mass deregistration of lobbyists.

    “But even the prohibition on registered lobbyists’ gifts doesn’t mean a Democrat has to deregister in order to fund Obama: the lobbyist could just let his or her spouse sign the check… But his wife, who lists her occupation as “homemaker,” gave $3,000 to the Obama Victory Fund last month.

    “This is the sort of change Obama has given us: the status quo, just with more smoke and mirrors.”


  • The more government regulates, intervenes and spends, the more lobbying there will be. If you want less lobbying, have less government. All else is dross.

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