Obama Administration Stands Strong Against Pakistan
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  • sgerber

    Maybe threatening Pakistan that we will take a much stronger pro-India position would help.

  • Mrs. Davis

    Remember Elphinstone.

  • SteveMG

    Pakistan will retaliate and play the China card; but I really wonder whether Beijing wants to take on that mess.

    I’d call their (Pakistan’s and China’s) bluff.

  • Corlyss

    The vacuity of Obama’s Afghanistan embrace was never in doubt to old political hands. “The good war” was only a way of bashing Bush, a man who wasn’t in the race in 2008. The emptiness has been apparent from the way Obama treats of Pakistan. Incomprehending and incomprehensible.

  • “As I’ve been arguing here at Via Meadia since my last trip to Pakistan a little more than a year ago, the only chance the US has to save this relationship is to threaten to walk away completely — and to be ready to carry out that threat if need be.”

    Alleluia. For some time I’ve been entertaining the (pipe-)dream of bringing CHINESE pressure to bear on Pakistan – but folks who know China far better than I do don’t seem optimistic about that scenario. Not being terribly sharp on these things, it’s finally beginning to dawn on me that they have a point: Just how are the Chinese, of all arrogant people, going to be able to make the Pakis see reason when it comes to national self-interest? Esp. when you consider how apparently little grasp they have of their own? (As distinct from something I like to call imperial-corporate will to power.)

    Yes, “playing the India card” (where’s our next Kissinger?) is starting to look better every day.

  • Russ

    Asia Times reports that China wants bases inside Pakistan’s tribal areas. China openly owns Pakistan (and its headaches), India comes together with Vietnam (already happening). I call this a geopolitical win for the good guys.

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