Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Fez
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  • Peter

    Remind me again. Why does the US allow Turkey to remain in NATO????

  • WigWag

    “Interestingly, the US is backing Turkey strongly as it takes on the Kurdish terrorists, denouncing the PKK and using it’s influence in Iraq to smooth the path for a Turkish response…” (Walter Russell Mead)

    In doing so, the United States is making an enormous strategic blunder. The US would be far wiser to support Kurdish national aspirations in Iraq, Iran, Syria and even Turkey.

  • Kris

    All hail the wise Caliph Erdogan and his “no problems” foreign policy!

  • WigWag

    This is an interesting if not entirely convincing take on Turkey’s Kurdish problem.


  • Y.

    “difficult as Israeli-Turkish relations now are, this would be an improvement from the Israeli point of view. The new alignment could offer an opportunity to reduce the blockade in exchange for some kind of a truce, with Turkey engaged in insuring Hamas’ good behavior so long as Israel keeps its part of the deal.”

    I wonder if WRM ever talked with any Israelis before writing that drivel. Israel is not interested in another foreign sponsor for Hamas, Turkey has no way (and more importantly, no reason) to ever hold Hamas to account, and Hamas will do whatever it wants.

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